Waterproofing Material in Pakistan


Waterproofing materials are a very important part of construction. The strength of a building depends on the materials used in it to protect a building from destruction. These materials finalize the power and durability of a building that how long it can withstand bad calamity. Water leakage is the biggest issue of every house in Pakistan because of poor materials used while construction. It destroys the building and makes a huge loss.

It is important to protect your house or building from leakage. So, before construction we should prefer waterproofing chemicals to make the construction long lasting. Heavy rains weaken the buildings.

Different types of chemicals used for perseveration of buildings are mentioned.

Rubber bitumen emulsion: it is a highly useful and money saving method for waterproofing buildings, basements, and houses. Used in preventing water leakage made up of recycled rubber, cement, bitumen, and some other materials which works as waterproof membranes.

Torch applied bitumen membrane: it is a flat roofing system. It provides a simple and speedy demand which is fixed by highly skilled and qualified workers. As the bitumen forms part of the root of the membrane itself, torch-on systems provide totally similar bitumen wholly.

Cementitious Waterproofing: these are products which are easiest materials used for waterproof roofs. They are easily available from brick shops. Which are easy to dissolve and apply. The coating should be applied on a dry and clean surface to get good results.

Thermoplastic waterproofing: This chemical can be used for plenty of purposes to make roofs waterproof. These are sheets which melts on heating and hardens after cooling which works as water resistant mixed with cement for applying on roofs to make them waterproof.

Acrylic Based liquid applied elastomeric waterproofing: Acrylic is a water-based coating mixed with elastomeric which is a rubbery product which comes in white paint as roof proofing material. Which is easy to use and easy to clean and work as a long lasting and reliable for worse weather conditions.

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