GEO Membrane Manufacture in Pakistan


Geomembranes liners play a vital role in curtailing the Water Loses in various spheres including Dams, Canals, Reservoirs, Waste Water, Agriculture, Irrigation and Civil Engineering to include Buildings and Tunnels etc. Geomembranes are divided into two major products basically on different characteristics and applications i.e PVC Geomembrane & HDPE Geomembrane, Produced by using state of the Art Production lines and virgin materials to meet ASTM Standards.

Rockline is pioneer in producing quality of wide range of PVC Products and the sole Manufacturers of PVC Geomembrane & HDPE Geomembrane qualifying international standards, The most trusted name in the Pakistan.

Rockline has a vast and rich experience of meeting Customer’s demands besides remaining abreast with the latest Development world over affecting changes through constant R&D.