Waterproofing Products in Lahore


“Quality on all levels”– see the product and system versatility of Waterproofing for yourself. Basement waterproofing, retrospective horizontal barrier membranes, renovation of salt laden substrates, garage renovation, crack repair for walls and floors, waterproofing day joints with injection tubes, elastomer expanding strips, waterproofing sewerage works or potable water containers, balcony renovation, facade impregnation, waterproofing joints and details with waterproof tapes, tile installation on heated and unheated cement-based screeds, concrete, chipboard and floorboards, render, plaster, plasterboard, MR plasterboard, existing tiled finishes, metal and stainless steel, in bathrooms, on balconies and terraces, in showers and swimming pools, fountains and swimming pool tanks, saunas, sea water pools, kitchens and cold stores, from large format tiles, agglomerate stone, glass tiles and mosaics, natural stone, jointless epoxy resin systems for use in workshops, supermarkets, department stores, accessible roadways in logistics halls, car showrooms, in the manufacturing industry, polyurea coatings for containers, bund walls, accessible silos, Biogas plants, sewerage works, for pipework construction, the energy industry, as corrosion protection and stray current isolation, decorative flooring systems, water pollution control systems, water vapor permeable coatings, conductive coatings, structured coatings, car park deck coatings, elastic coatings, coatings which will not taint food, emissions free coatings, concrete sealers, concrete impregnators, road and trackway systems, concrete repair to bridges, multi-storey car parks, balconies, drinking water containers, sewers and sewerage plants, products for the cement using industry, ready-mix concrete, concrete units, concrete slabs – our competency in construction waterproofing is your problem solved. Waterproofing Products in Lahore