Roof Waterproofing in Pakistan


Many incompatible substances and gadgets are made in use daily to construct many different types of roofs for houses, buildings and apartments which supply compulsory protection and safety and provide the owner with waterproof roofs.

In the present days we are using advanced materials for making roofs waterproof. Which is no longer the same as we were in the past. Remembering to the back old days when we were using hayloft roofs for years. Which were not providing us waterproof roofs. But today our ideology has totally changed as today we provide better, easy, strong, lighter, and waterproof roofs. Waterproofing is the procedure of making a material or a structure waterproof or water-resistant. Which makes the roofs remain quite uninfluenced by water or stooping the entrance of water under specific situations.

There are many roof waterproofing materials such as bitumen membrane, thermoplastic, waterproofing membrane, cementitious coating rubbery bitumen and many moreā€¦ These are membrane or coatings to protect a structure. If we do not stop the leakage of water, it will create a huge loss for our buildings.